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The customized boxes will be changing according to the market and seasonal availability. 

You’ll get the best value for the price in these perfectly selected boxes offering the best available produce in the market.

 Small BoxMedium BoxLarge Box
Tomato 250 g6.69500 g13.30500 g13.30
Beans250 g3.60500 g7.15500 g7.15
Potato250 g1.2500 g2.21 kg4.00
Beetroot head  500 g4500 g4
Carrot  500 g2.3500 g2.3
Raddish    250 g2.50
Cabbage green whole     5.50
Capsicum green  500 g14.35500 g14.35
Eggplant    250 g4.50
Mushroom buttons    200 g5
Pumpkin butternut whole     1 pc12
Onion brown250 g2.8500 g5.5500 g5.5
Garlic250 g2.3500 g4.5500 g4.5
Ginger100 g3.2250 g8250 g8
Green Chilli long100 g4100 g4100 g4
Spinach2 bn2.002 bn2.002 bn2.00
Curry leaves packet2 bn2.002 bn2.002 bn2.00
Coriander 2 bn5.802 bn5.802 bn5.80
Mint2 bn6.692 bn6.692 bn6.69
Lemon2 pc2.002 pc2.002 pc2.00
Total 42.28 83.79 115.09
You Save 2.28 3.79 5.09

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