About us

About us

When it comes to high-quality fresh fruits and vegetables in Sydney, we are the preferred choice. At Y NOT FRUITS, we carefully source our wide range of farm-fresh produced by our farmers at their farms, selected growers, and markets daily. The company has built its reputation in the domestic market by adhering to its standards in each of the above-mentioned product categories. By providing efficient & timely deliveries to its clients, the client list of Y NOT FRUITS has increased by leaps and bounds. The client base encompasses wholesalers, retailers, restaurants, supermarkets, and institutional players. We also provide ready-to-cook sliced vegetables to restaurants and other businesses.

The procurement of fresh vegetables & fruits in Australia is done through contract farming as well as through wholesalers. The in-house team of experts and professionals is employed to train and supervise the contract farms and to keep a meticulous check throughout the crop cycle. Simultaneously strict quality inspection is carried out on the procurement from wholesalers to ensure the approved quality standards set by Y NOT FRUITS. Our specialty is 100% natural, always fresh, and of premium quality.

At Y NOT FRUITS, we believe customer satisfaction begins with the earth: the land from which the grower creates fine brands and fine produce that are key to our way of doing business. We believe that integrity, trustworthiness, and honesty are integral to who we are as a company, and so, we insist that at every stage of what we do, Y NOT FRUITS works in partnership with our suppliers. We insist on ‘Fair Trade’ principles and ethical business practices that support even the smallest grower. We also stipulate that the choice of produce we accept, and its delivery to the supermarket shelf and your customers’ tables, are all done to the highest ethical and quality standards.

Our mission and vision

Our mission and vision are to supply you and your customers with delicious fruits and fresh vegetables at a price that is as terrific as the taste. It is this passion for getting things right and our refusal to compromise on quality that has established our reputation and trust with our clients.

Welcome to Y Not Fruits.